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    In em.tronic we developed a measuring device for the company IREL Iskra - releji that is a producer of miniature relays. Measuring device is used for testing electrical and mechanical characteristics of monostable and bistable relays.

    Main components of measuring device are precise DC current and voltage power supply, AC current and voltage power supply for measuring contact resistance and personal computer with DAQ high speed digital board and DAQ multifunction analog board.

    Supervisory control and data acquisition is realized with a personal computer and Labview software and assures data acquisition and presentation in real time. It also saves measured data and informs about the status of elements. The data is printed in form of protocol or statistics histograms.

    Block scheme of measuring


    Block scheme of the one-way generator


    Diagram of excitation and the start-up relay


    Diagram of excitation and the shut-down relay


    Diagram of excitation in the static control for monostabile relay


    Screen Shot measurements


    Screen Shot of measurement of contact resistance


    Overview of the results of the series resistance of the coil in the form of histogram