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    The shooting range is constructed to operate in a closed building. It is fully automated and designed in scale of 1:100, so the targets seem 1200 - 1500 m away.

    At one end of the room, there is a model of ground with all topographic elements (landscape, buildings, roads, etc.) at the other end at the other end there is a real combat vehicle - a tank.

    The tank fires special ammunition of reduced calibre at movable static targets on the landscape model.

    AEG Modicon A250 control system assures programmable movements of 12 fixed targets and 12 targets in 4 linear moving ranges. The movable platform, where the tank is positioned on, simulates the shaky drive on uneven ground. Centrally controlled reflector system can simulate any time of day or night by mixing white, red and blue light.

    Combination of movements, illumination and counting of fired shots constitute the task, that is recorded on a personal computer in the control booth. It allows real time monitoring of the activities on model , number of shots fired and performance of the entire task. After the task has been completed, the computer also makes an evaluation of the tank crew and prints out a shooting protocol.

    Schema of shooting training room


    Model with topographical elements


    Flexible tank platform