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    We have made a model of the industrial process for high technical schools within the Phare programme. This model is suitable for technical school subjects as controlling, adjusting and measuring on real models.

    The industrial process of learning model is combined from two 80 l volume containers which are placed on the mobile platform. The liquid in containers could be pumped from one to other container. Speed of pumping could be controlled or adjusted regarding measured level and flow in both containers. In one container a heater is placed. We can adjust heating of the liquid in a container according to measurement of the temperature. Learning model is equipped with electric box, sensors and electric schema with switch elements for controlling the process.

    Next processes could be performed:


    • pumping liquid from one to other container
    • adjusting and measuring flow between containers
    • adjusting and measuring liquid level in both containers
    • heating liquid and adjusting the temperature in container 1
    • measuring temperature in both containers

    Learning process


    Panel with controller


    Two container on a mobile platform


    Synoptic panel on the electrical cabinet