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    The device has been developed and produced for the manufacturers of bowden pulls and their purposes.

    The measuring device is being incorporated in the production line and enables a total control of products. The accurate measuring sensors ensure reliable measurement of force within 1% class as well as the measurement of length with the accuracy up to 0.1 mm.

    The measuring course is completely automatic and the results are on line displayed on screen for surveying. The measuring cycle is limited to 6 seconds.

    The mechanical construction of the device is the result of our own knowledge and design conceptions which allows inclusion in production line. The optional upgrading ensures the course to complete automation.

    The measuring device is controlled through microcomputer system and appropriate software on both microcomputer level and supervision level. 3 * 4 lengths and 3 * 2 forces are being measured in a single measuring cycle whereas the regulation of tensile and pressure strength is being carried out too. Pulling and pressing of testing sample is performed by means of servomotors.

    The applied concepts of adaptive and cascade regulation that comprises two regulation circuits enables constant force upon defined measuring area. The results are being displayed on supervising system’s (personal computer) monitor. PC makes communication between user and measuring device possible. It also saves measured data and informs about the status of some constituent elements. The main data is printed in form of protocol.

    Data is saved in data bank being permanently at one’s disposal. They are intended for statistical purposes of production process and do represent solid basis for evaluation of production quality.

    Measuring device for bowden pulls


    Electrical cabinet


    Computer with a user interface