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    As Slovenian agriculture associate into European association, are demands from winegrowers for rational production according to reduction of prices and increase quality final products. That’s preliminary condition for competitive appearance on EU markets. Production costs need to be reduced by optimal function, with controlled adding protecting enologyc substances and regular dunging vine.

    We have developed wine software for controlling production of grapes in vineyard and taking care for vine in wine cellar. This software is friendly to the user. Software enables accurate controlling all events in a process of production grapes and wine. It also enables comparison between vintages, managing costs.

    Software is divided in two parts. First part refers to vineyard and the second part to wine cellar. We can review or enter data.

    Basic data enter for software:


    • vineyards,
    • sorts of grapes,
    • vessels,
    • sprinklers,
    • manures,
    • etc.



    • vineyard survey (number, name, size of vineyard and data for sort of grape, number of grapevine, grounding)
    • vessel survey (number, capacity, vessel type and present condition of wine, wine flow)
    • vineyard working (winter job, ground job, vine protection, summer job)
    • grapes ripening
    • vintage
    • grapes pressing
    • new wine fermentation (sugar, acid, pH all before fermentation, etc.)
    • wine analysis (alcohol, sugar, acids, pH, open sulphur, common sulphur)
    • reports

    Because of programme qualities is this software suitable for large grape growers as for amateurish grape growers.

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