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    The following brief information on em.tronic d.o.o. is to introduce our team of ten highly experienced experts duly educated for development projects, mechanical and electrical engineering, automation and mechatronic as well as for measuring techniques. Being registered as research and designing institution we turn our attention above all to the highest level of quality performance and excellent qualification of our professional staff. We are required by enterprises to introduce the process of automation in acquisition of their internationally recognized quality assurance mark.


    Automation and process control is performed by most sophisticated and contemporary microcomputer systems (AEG, SIEMENS, PHOENIX, custom design). The configuration of computer systems depends on technological process and client’s specification. The system of automation consists of measurement chains, control elements, regulation circuits, microcomputer control and supervision as well as real display of process state. A great number of information presented through updated visualizing programs enable directing, controlling and subsequent analysis together with adequate history of the process on personal computer under user’s friendly environment. We are in position to elaborate the entire project including hardware and software and to perform a proper installation with commissioning and trial run feature. After sale service and follow-ups dictated by new technologies with all adequate adjustments can be granted to all customers.


    Through mechatronics we encroach on the field of measuring, justifying and controlling systems as well as to the robotization of production processes. Our own designed devices are in fact an effective combination of mechanical and electro-computerised parts. Mechanics with built-in elements are being manufactured with highest accuracy and most carefully chosen to ensure a reliable and long-lasting performance of each and every device. Microcomputer system conducts and controls the process accordingly providing undisturbed flow of information to the system of visualization. The results are usually displayed on PC monitor which enables all sorts of statistical processing and the entire accompaniment of production itself.


    We developed indoor tank - and minethrower training simulators and outdoor air defense training system for Slovenian Army. Indoor training simulators have many advantages, especially from the economics and ecological points of view. The simulation of natural environment can add to a well and effective qualification of the crew.


    We design electronic and electric power devices as well as comprehensive systems of automation processes and of controlling devices. All our skilled specialists and graduated designers with their professional innovative attitude consider newest achievements in technological fields not withstanding latest legislative regulations and standards.


    Mechanical elements and devices are designed according to customers requirements in line with all actual standards, contemporary technologies and a great deal of innovations. We are also able to manufacture the designed elements by means of well experienced collaborators.


    Creation and realization of various projects demand a profound knowledge of research activities, ranking our Company among active research institutions registered with the Ministry of Science and Technology of Slovenia. Through several successfully accomplished projects we gained widely acknowledged reputation introduced and presented on different occasions to various industrial clients as well as on the competent professional conferences.