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    The shooting range is constructed to operate in a closed building. It is fully automated and designed in scale of 1:100, so the targets seem 1200 - 1500 m away.

    It is automated and used for training of air defence crews.

    It consists of three ranges ( 80-100 m long) for movements of air plane models (horizontal and ready to attack movements), and the tank.

    The company PROSAN d.o.o. form Ruse is producing plastic sanitary kettles, influent valves and various gushed plastic parts. Using the automated production line the company is introducing a new product – undersurface sanitary kettle.

    The plant is meant to clean the flue gas, which is result of solid and liquid waste combustion. The principle of wet cleaning of flue gas and neutralization with natrium lye is used in this plant. The whole procedure is monitored and controlled by twenty four controllers and one personal computer. We achieved an overview of the process, its control and monitoring with this combination.

    We built a modern production line for the needs of the prefab houses industry in Slovenija. The assembly line for walls is a modern combination of technology, mechanical construction and microcomputer control and surveillance. It consists of five tables with dimensions approx. 10m x 3m, that are positioned as seen on the picture.

    In em.tronic we developed an automated impedance adjustment device for ballasts in automated ballasts production line.

    We developed a finishing and testing line for the company ELEKTROKOVINA that is a producer of ballasts for tubular and compact fluorescent lamps.

    Automated line for the final testing of relays RAPS III for relay TRK12/14 and TRK17/18 allows:


    NAMO - MZ001 is a computer-controlled device designed for measuring of ring gear inner diameter and ovality. In extremely short time a 100 per cent checking of gears manofactured in series can be conducted. The device can be used either in a production plant or la. Its service life long. Its special feature is the measuring method which, despite of the measuring part elasticity, still ensures absolutely accurate measurement.